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The Ellington Hotel in Berlin A homage to one of the Jazz Greats!!!!

Sleeping with some of the Jazz Greats in Berlin at the Ellington-Hotel!!!! I was delighted to do a taping at the Hotel for MDR so I decided after spending a delightful day to return to experience the DNA of this Hotel and see if it was any good!!!The Building built in the Art Deco period is a true homage to that period through its wonderful architectural detailing which if any thing is a must to see and located in the West part of Berlin it is quite unique in that most new design hotels are often being built in the east part of Berlin .

I had a long day since I had been shopping for an German Actress I call her the “Bat from Hell”!! so I had been looking for dresses for 6 hours and then styling 4 hours children I was exhausted so I showed up at the hotel and the Receptionist was all smiles and welcoming which helped lift my spirits after such a long hard day!!!!I was sent to my room on a very light and open spacious single room !!!which was cool and what I adored were the Black and white photos of Jazz Greats from the Past alas the name the Ellington-Hotel in the past this building was a showcase club where jazz greats such as Duke Ellington performed and housed the infamous and fabulous Disco of the 70s and 80s “The Jungle” that was the playground for the truly iconic David Bowie among others of that disco era!!!! well after entering my spacious room I went into the bathroom to investigate !!!!the Bath in a white color theme and spacious with a large tub !!! which is great for folks who love to bathe, but for me I am on the run so I prefer shower booths!!!!!but the bathroom was spacious which is good you had room to breathe and that really is important when staying in a hotel!!!!So after looking at the 50s foto of the awesome Eartha Kitt I was off to the lounge which is dimmed lightly and after such a hard day was the perfect setting for me. The dim lights and soothing Jazz Music which is really soothing since it is never overbearing its relaxing and sort of comforts one, you have the feeling of being in a a relaxing private club.This feeling is due to the large Dark Brown chesterfield sofas which really add to the atmosphere and make it all so enticing!!! So I decided to order a cocktail a Cosmopolitan!!! today was a brutal day and a drink was the right thing to calm my nerves.
I ordered my drink a Cosmopolitan which was a little too dry!!!!I had to send the drink back immediately but the waiter was gracious!!!with no problem he made another drink and this time it was the right combination for me ,so I relaxed and listened to the music being played from the RadioStation Jazz FM that tape live from the Hotel Lounge which gives the Bar – Lounge a totally relaxed and still modern atmosphere with the white floors and walls and large windows ,the lobby has a spacious aura and combined with the leather sofas lends to a relaxed but still modern atmosphere I felt at home!!!!It still had a warm atmosphere. I was relaxed so I decided to go into the courtyard garden which is is located directly in the middle of the complex here is terribly intimate the setting between the lights,Plants and flowers, oversized sofas and dining
tables where one can eat or just enjoy a sunny afternoon makes the setting very unique for a hotel its like a little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the big city!!!!!!!! so enjoying the evening vibes here was great and being alone did not bother me either, I felt comfortable and at ease and that is always good for a hotel to offer their customers especially those traveling on their own!!! the hotel has a restaurant where one can eat if need be so one could stay in house and enjoy themselves!!!after having enjoyed the radio stations jazz set .

Classic Jazz I was off to my room !!! and slept well!!! even though the Ellington is on a very busy street the windows were well insulated that I was not disturbed by the traffic outside!!!!!
I woke early in the morning and I decided to have some breakfast in the open cafeteria which was great
though I was initially taken aback since I often sit with others but hey thats really good for communication the room itself is fun light and airy and was bustling with tourists from all over the world I heard Spanish, Chinese, English and German it was a pleasure to see folks enjoying the breakfast in this very open cafeteria style breakfast area!!!
after my good breakfast and that it was!!! I went and checked out!!!! I was greeted with a good morning from of the Bell Captain who kindly helped me with my luggage and wished me a good day and with the sun shining I thought the Duke would be proud of the Ellington-Hotel!!!!!!
The prices are not cheap but I would recommend always try and get a good rate !!!!the hotel is definitely worth a visit!!!!

Love Sean

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