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Celebrating the Holiday Season at the Concorde Hotel in Berlin!!!

I went to this hotel to meet a friend during the Berlin Film Festival and I realized that he really enjoyed himself here,so I thought I should check out this hotel!!!the Berlin Concorde Hotels centrally located in Berlin and in so close to the Kudamm boulevard however is still located in a discreet corner of central Berlin.
So off I was!!I reserved a room and to my embarrassment arrived on the wrong day however I was surprised that even though I had my schedule mixed up,the reception were really friendly about my faux pas!!!!!well a few days later I returned and was totally surprised again about the friendly and warm service from the bell captain and later at the hotel reception little things mean a lot!!! !!!So finally after being assigned to my room, I snatched my key and off I was to my room where I was placed in a a mini suite!!!! so I had space to breath and with the wonderful braun,black, gray and white tones!!!!! I relaxed and really decided to chill out in my room for a while!!! so that meant the place made me feel at home that is always a good sign!!!! the décor was quite inviting so that you really did feel like you had your own pied des terre in Berlin how utterly fabulous!!!!

So me being Sean I checked out my sleeping quarters and the bathroom which I actually liked of course a little cool in décor but light and good lighting in the bathroom and for a fashionista like myself very important!!!! they had a shower booth which I find today as a new essential in the bathroom!!!and then I was off to the closet space!!!!! little things mean a lot to me and the closets with their exquisite hangers in wood and silk upholstered hangers to boot!! had me terribly delighted since I am fussy about hangers!!!and then oh boy!!!! in my closet were a terrycloth bath robe and slippers ,of course these should be standard today, however thats not always the case!!!so I am always delighted at a exclusive hotel that gets these little things right!~!!!I decided to investigate the place a little closer so I was off for a cocktail in the hotel lounge at the (Lutèce Bar) where I met a few friends and enjoyed a pretty well executed Cosmo not fabulous but hey I can be fussy!!!! it was nice in the lobby!!!! but what I really enjoyed was my intimate dinner!!!unexpectedly I went off to their restaurant “Le Faubourg” where even though I was a little late they were gracious and seated me and a friend, where I ordered my usual champagne and my date a red wine!! I ordered a main course since I was not famished but decided I did want a little bite we were offered a little surprise from the chef from the kitchen which I and my date enjoyed and then I had a Pasta Dish which turned out to be really quite good since I am never sure about Hotel Restaurants whether they are good or not!!!!the Lasagna dish which included spring onions and sweet potatoes, the dish I still recall till this moment!!!! it blew me away since I was not expecting such a good and still meal !!!!that had me think that this is a nice place, it’s intimate and I think it’s great for a private dinner with a lover???? or just friends who want a little discretion!!

After the meal we decided on a coffee and got as a surprise a treat!!!! a few small sweets from the kitchen which were also was good and then I realized that Berlin has good restaurants to be found that are nice ,with good décor and friendly service which in Berlin can be a problem and Le Faubourg I will revisit at the Berlin Concorde Hotels !! finally pooped!!! off I was to my room, where I slept very well in the wide bed which is always welcomed and i later found out this is also one of their extra added details in their rooms mmmm!!! how lovely !!!!!In the morning I was off to their gym which was well equipped and for a runner I was extremely overjoyed!!!so after my run I had some coffee and saw the executive floor of the hotel where one has the opportunity to work in privacy and has a great view and good light and on especially those dreary days in Berlin in the fall such a space is truly welcomed and with the attentive and warm staff !!!I was truly seduced!!!!!!!
Shopping is my passion so went to shop that morning since I had a customer from abroad and the Kufuerstendamm the shopping boulevard is a stone throw away1!!!! you are in close vicinity to some of the best shops!!!
Jil Sander,Chanel Gucci,Cos and of course others that are just as fabulous!!!!so I strolled the Kudamm enjoyed my brisk winter morning and realized this is a great hotel for The Holidays!!!!it’s in close vicinity to so much and then the friendly staff!!!and the inviting restaurant what else could one want? well then you have the famed Theater des Westens a few blocks away and the Luxury Department store KaDeWe is also in very close vicinity!!!!!!I love the fact that the Hotel is also welcoming to the International Gay community!!!! and that being said the Berlin Concorde Hotels !!!!was relaxed,friendly and,sophisticated , a cool place for the holidays!!!!!!or any time when visiting Berlin!!!!!for that matter

P.S. I said this place is great for a romantic weekend take a look at the Art work from the awesome a Miss- Tic!!!!!!

Love Sean and Happy Holidays!!!!!

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