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Berlin’s New Eclectic Hotel, the Hüttenpalast

Of course I do some crazy things but this one was done with so much enjoyment I went off with barbara and discovered a hotel that I think is a must in Berlin!!!located in the Multi-cultural district of Neu Koelln is the new Hotel the Huettenpalast!!! run by two inspirational women with a vision Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer who met at school , decided to go after their dream of developing an unusual and very individualistic Hotel.

The hotel which is in a building that once was a production facility for washing machines and was up until the women opened their hotel a relatively rundown building!!!! The Hotel has the traditional
and conventional rooms, however the true quirky part of the hotel that gives this place its individual flair and which I see as the heart of the hotel are the Hotel Room-Trailers sleeping quarters these sleeping quarters are actually old and restored camper trailers and cottages in a spacious loft like facility where you are assigned your very own and individually decorated trailer !!!here you share the bathrooms and showers but it is all done on such a good level, that you do not really mind sharing and it gives folks who like to communicate like myself!!!!! the chance to talk to others and meet people from all over the globe !!!!!!!!

Well that evening I went out for drinks and really enjoyed my time in this very eclectic and urban neighborhood it’s not the squeeky clean posh Berlin!!!!! but the young and very urban Berlin here you see the other side of Berlin!!!! which is what makes the city really tick!!!I later returned to my room and crawled into my trailer called the ‘Small Sister’. I closed the blinds and I slept in my small but very comfortable cocoon and the next morning I realized that I had slept extremely well!!! so the mattress was really good!! I opened my Trailer and no I did not feel like trash but really rejuvenated!!!! I smelled the fresh croissants and had myself a coffee already brought to the small Counter located in the trailers lobby.I decided to go outside in their courtyard garden which is a tranquil oasis, the garden decorated with various plants and eclectic used furniture!!!This is what makes this place so unique they developed so much with used and restored furniture and this gives the hotel true authenticity and charm!!!!!. I felt like I was at friends for a brief stay!!! Later I was off to the Showers and met a fellow camper guest from Canada, we talked about the atmosphere at the hotel and about how much we enjoyed the digs!!! since the staff are friendly and the atmosphere so easy going I hung around a bit and checked my e mails through their Wireless Lan on my Laptop and realized that the art work is from various artists that they support with giving the artists the chance to present their work through exhibitions supported by the hotel which is a great idea of helping the young and creative find their way into the market!!! I comfortably checked out of the Hotel after staying an additional two hours!!!!! However before I left I checked out their cafe restaurant which is open until the early evening!!! so you can get a pretty good meal with both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and where you can go for just breakfast and enjoy the garden!!!!!Wow!!so finally I was off to another day of discovering Berlin!!!

I liked this place so much I felt comfortable and welcomed it’s open,friendly and has a truly quirky atmosphere and for prices ranging from 30 – 80 Euro you cant go wrong!!! so if you want a little something different from your stay in Berlin go to theHuettenpalast it will be a stay you wont forget !!!!!!!!!

Love Sean

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