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Berlin Designer Vladimir Karaleev!!!!”Romantic Poetry”

Vladimir Karaleev
!!!! Is one of those talented young designers at
Berlin Fashion Week
that goes his own way and that is what he did again with his very easy going summer collection!!!!The pieces were items with unfinished edges which is his trademark as well ass some impressive leather pieces that often define his style!!!!
The colors were neutral in tones of Gray,Black,Camel,and Clay,Metal Blue the tones were easy to combine but still very strong in personality!!!The silhouettes were generally loose and flowing ,with skirt and dresses lengths below the knee!!!!!!

The designer seemed to capture like so many other young designers at the
Berlin Fashion Week
it was often dedicated towards long flowing silhouettes pieces that fell below the knee or longer!!!! this gave many pieces a romantic optic and if not romantic as in the case of Vladimir Karaleev the collection had a very bohemian, rustic feeling a little
eastern european influence!!! Of course the asymmetry play a very important part in his silhouettes
and this you saw in both the dresses and in a very intricate blouses that had both folds and intricate details whether they be in the back or front of the pieces!!! for instance as in the navy blue piece this piece could be worn simple with jeans or shorts and can also be worn with an elegant skirt or trouser for a sophisticated optic!!!! The clothing are always easy going and romantic and with the fans slowly blowing at this presentation and the models hair blowing in the wind the pieces reminded one of the Wuthering Heights the Film, it was all very romantic and still modern through the Asymetry and very neutral and simplistic colors!!!!!!!

Vladimir Karaleev pieces are pieces of art work and should be worn as such !!!!!applause to such a artistic poet!!!!!

Love Sean

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