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Dawid Tomazewski!!!!Bravo a colorful Garden of Delight!!!!

Love Sean

Ok I know I can be pretty dramatic !!! But shown yesterday at the last day of Fashion Week really impressed me this time the Designer Dawid Tomazewski
a young man I met while making my coins!!!
at Galeries Lafayette he had this energy I loved and I thought boy if he puts that energy into his clothing we have something special coming from the Berlin FashionBerlin Fashion scene
!!! Well the Show presentation at the Gallery at the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin was fabulous I really love it it reminded me of the Alexander Mcqueen
exhivition in NY at the Metropolitan Museum
!!! but still never the less the collection was well executed!!!!!!

The show was inspired Dutch painters from the 18th century which really caught my attention, since the Dutch painters of that period were truly gifted artits and especially to be found in floral still life paintings!!!! The Colors he presented which were in Fuschia and Beige true nothing new!!!! however considering what I saw from the other designers in thier color palette this took me back and made me take notice. I admit I love Pink so he had me there on that but then such a wonderful soft cool beige tone made it all have a modern and clean touch to the collection you had the feeling it was not all frivilous but the beige gave the collection intensity and balanced out the intensity of the Fuschia.In fabrics such as Chiffon and Satin

The Silhouettes were both a trend that I saw at Michael Sontag and that was grecian inspired Silhouettes a gorgeous Madame Gres inspired dress in beige that was femenine in silhouette and still form fitting without being too body concious this optic I loved!!!of course there was the dramatic Knit Jacket with
the a narrow legged trouser that was slender in cut ,but still not too form fitting meaning that sexy and femenine does not always have to be form fitting !!!!this optic I really liked it was very true to the easy going glamour that you saw on many runways here in Berlin
!!@!The new eye catcher were the interesting back cutouts that one saw on the runway quite often and was a detail that I thought is sexy and ultra modern!!!!!!!

OH!!!P.S. I have to mention that even though I think Leggings are not a must anymore Dawid made some awesome Beaded Leggings that were worn under a dress in a funky way so leggings can be worn but only when done correctly !!!!!!!!!!and then the look can be ultra fab!!!!!!!The shoes I must mention were pretty vicious as well in cooperation with Peter Kaiser which are a true traditional shoe manufacturer in Germany you are sure to get an explosive combination
,being an accessory fan take a look at the bracelet!!!!!! what a piece!!!! it screamed in your face old Hollywood glamour!!!

Love Sean

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