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Spring in Berlin!!!!Yellow Accessories !!!!Brighten your Day!!!

In Berlin there colors that stand out to me right now and one of them are Yellow!!!!Yellow as an accessory really will pep up any wardrobe .I was amazed to see the accessories whether from brands such as Comptoir des Cotonniers or Stefanel and I even discovered some great pieces from Hueftgold-Berlin the accessory brand from Berlin !!!!!you will find shoes purses and some great belts that will pick up any wardrobe and Yellow is such a upbeat tone!!! Yellow naturally can be worn elegantly with black but I loved it combined with other colors such as red!!!and with jeans it takes denim to another level when the Yellow accessories are a little more sophisticated!!!!
So I say yes to yellow even combined with beige chinos or white trousers yellow does make a statement!!!!
Say yes to yellow!!!!

Love Sean

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