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Menswear!!!!!!!!Berlin Inspired for Spring 2012

Menswear is not always easy to define therefore today with men like David Beckham to help inspire men it’s been easy to define new looks for the urban man today!!!I had the chance to start looking around and was inspired by the very sexy tailored blazers with pointed lapels!!!the look very suave and then again the accessory such as the tie or bow tie!!!!! I am into scarves for men I think its very cool and sexy and regardless of the direction whether it be the western optic or the disco gigolo !!!they still have something rugged, modern and sexy for menswear and as we know!!!!! it is always in the detail for menswear!!!!!so through a mix of clothing from Nike,Burlington,HM,Tiger of Sweden,Edsor and Vintage you are in for a modern and sleek edgy look for Menswear and all this is inspired by the city of Berlin !!!!!Be inspired!!!!!

Love Sean

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