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Join the Fashionable Chain Gang!!!!!Chanel Inspired Chain Bags!!!!!!

Last week I got a call from a Hollywood agent for an American actress looking for a Bag!!!!! Oh well I thought that’s easy since I have the opportunity to get almost any bag I may need .Therefore when I got the request it was a chain bag!!!! I was amazed that women are into the Chanel inspired Chain Bag again !!!! The bag is back in !!! Coco would be proud or I am sure grinning to herself!! with that I told you so grin!!!!! well on my way and walking the Berlin streets I started seeing girls and women all types and sizes with their chain bag and I thought the this bag is back in with a vengeance !!!well then I was on my way searching for that model that screams style!!! and you will be surprised I found versions at Stefanel to Zadig et Voltaire to Cocinelle !!! But then again you have upscale designers such as Valentino that really offered some fierce options!!!! however pretty Pricy!!! !!!Then again after going to various shops I found a few Looks at Max and Co which is a brand that I always enjoy not too pricy and still quite chic!!!I realized the bag is great with a simple t shirt and jeans and naturally for the evening when a lady wants to dress it up a bit it lifts the look!!!!Ladies!!!!!Join the Chain Gang!!!!!

Love Sean!!!!!!

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