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Vintage Scarves can achieve this Exotic and Boheme Designer look!!!!!

I have always been a fan of colorful prints Pucci,Etro,Hermes you name it I love it!!!and the more colorful and bohemian the better!!!think of Isadora Duncan or Cher in her true hey day!@!! and you get the idea I guess it’s color and glamor that always get me time and time again!!!so the other day I was shopping and found a shop on the Kurfuerstendamm one of the fab boulevards of Berlin!!! I discovered a Colorful Slihouette from Dolce Gabbana which I found at the shop veronica pohl a colorful place for some cute pieces!!yeah a little traditional in the fashion brands but still I loved the optic!!!!well any way I thought that the optic was a great, crazy, colorful optic and even can be found at HM right now they have a cute Paisley print!!!! the same look can be achieved when one goes to thrift shops and purchases tons of inexpensive scarfs!!!

So children mix them up with a basic T shirt and jeans and you can achieve the look that I really think is the Gypsy Summer optic !!!!of course one can upscale the look with expensive items from Top Designers but I see top high fashion brands as being the inspiration to create ones own look!!!!!
So mix up those old jeans and Old denim shorts in your closets with great vintage scarfs to get the look which is soBerlin achieving a great look for literally coins!!!!!!!and still be fabulous thats what style is about!!

Love Sean

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