<!--:en-->Diane Arbus The Photographer and Creative Force of the 20th Century is exhibited in Berlin!!!!<!--:-->

Diane Arbus The Photographer and Creative Force of the 20th Century is exhibited in Berlin!!!!

Thursday night I was invited to the Amazing Museum the “Martin Gropius “museumsportal-berlin.de/museen/museum-details/martin-gropius-bau.html in Berlin Mitte!!!really one of those museums that I adore but don’t visit often ,this museum a beautiful 19th Century Building built by the! Duo of Martin Gropius und Heino Schmieden ! Is really a jewel in Berlin?? why dont I get there often ? well I guess its because there are so many exhibitions in Berlin that I have to decide on one and often I get sidetracked , however when I was told Diane- Arbus-photography the Photographer work was going to be shown I had to go this Artist presented the American, and New york lifestyle in all its wonderful rawness!!! which I absolutely adore since she presents folks as they are and not how we want them to be!!!!!!The evening flooded with dignitaries and a few glamorous individuals and by the distinguished Ambassador Murphy from the US Embassy!!! and later the Curator who helped bring this really eclectic and unique exhibition !!!! Jeff Rosenheim from the Metropolitan Museum Met Museum in NY who both gave speeches and gave one a feeling of an extraordinary exhibition!!1 and friends that it is!!!! the show covers various Decades until her death in the early 70’S with some of My Favorites included the young girl selling flowers in tim,es Square and the photo of Mae West way past her prime but still had that twinkle in her eye !!!!!The exhibition covers Ms. Arbus work with an autobiography of her life which was interesting and informative I think what makes her photos so perfect for Berlin is that they depict the not so beautiful, the raw of New York City !!!and that resonates I am sure with Berlin!!!!If you want to see an amazing exhibition Please go to Diane Arbus it’s pretty damn hot!!!!

Love Sean

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