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Fashion Indies in Berlin!!!!!!

You know I love spontaneity and in Berlin you can get it quite often !!! Looks, that one least likely expects!!! Thats what fashion is about. I see women on the streets ,in shops ,in offices!!! since I work for so many different projects it is not unusual for me to meet !!!! the most inspirational stylish women giving me Awesome Looks that I just adore they may not be to every ones liking but they say hey I am here!!!!!!!!!

The other day I met a girlfriend of mine she was in this crazy but delicious outfit that only she can wear from a Berlin designer that I did not know about hey in Berlin they come and go so fast but I am looking forward to hearing about this young man based in Berlin Friedrichshain !!!!!!by the name of Eppo Dekker!!!
I later was doing my other gifg at Deutsche Welle the International TV station!!! oh yeah I style a show there children!!! thats how I make my coins and literally!!!!!!!make my coins!!!!!I came upon a woman who does the Arabic News here and this Pint Size Spitfire!!!!!had shoes to die for I literally wanted the shoes myself and Bought at oh my Galeries Lafayette it was weird because that I did not expect!!! Thats why I call these looks my Indie Diva looks of the day!!! because they are women who chose and define their own looks !!!!!!!!!go ladies!!!!!!!!

Define yourself!!!
Love Sean

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