<!--:en-->Berlin Mila Miyahara!!!! Presents at the Felix in Berlin<!--:-->

Berlin Mila Miyahara!!!! Presents at the Felix in Berlin

You know I get around in Berlin
!!!Therefore one afternoon in the while doing a brief store check tour in Berlin
Mitte I discovered a young Designer shop in the adorable Linienstrasse that I thought was cute!!! small but you could tell that their was love for what this young designer was trying to build!!!! which is what I love that energy and spirit!!!!and what I love about Berlin is to see young people have a love and a passion and go after their dream!!!

Therefore it was wonderful for me to experience the young Fashion Designer Mila Miyahara
in her shop I found a few cute pieces and was truly delighted to see her show at the Felix club in Berlin!!!!!!I loved the long white Sundress it reminded me of a modern sexy Doris Day,and I also thought the mod inspired black and white dresses were promising!!!I always wish young designers luck and hope that they cultivate their craft!!!!!!!Mila Miyahara lets see how she progresses on the Berlin

Love Sean

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