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Let’s Do Brunch!!!at Ottenthal Spezial

In Berlin’s Charlottenburg district is  Cafe Ottenthal Spezial  which is a intimate cafe thats perfect when you want a nice atmosphere where one can meet a friend   for a cup of tea or meet for Breakfast.Which on this day I did and which I think is a good place for a weekend brunch with friends!!!I met a girlfriend for breakfast. We ordered an omelet ,and fruit salads with tea and fresh orange juice!!the food fresh and really just simply good.The service was nice and i found out the place has been open for a while so I guess that’s why the place seemed to run like a good motor would.It’s a good place for a cup of tea,cake and possibly a bowl of soup whatever your taste buds are in the mood for start your day at Ottenthal Spezial and make your Weekend a good one!!!

Love  Sean

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