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Stoneoven Pizza in Berlin!!!Relax at Plus 39 in Kreuzberg!!!

Well of course I am an Italian Cuisine Snob and with Barbara at my side it makes it even more difficult for us to say !!!!That’s real Italian Cuisine but a few days ago I went to the Italian Restaurant”Plus 39 in Berlin Kreuzberg for Stoneoven Pizza ,weirdly enough I am not all that much into pizza of course I will eat it if need be, but its not my favorite Italian dish!!! there are so many other incredible dishes to choose from ,however the Stoneoven pizzas here were one of the best I have had in quite some time!!!!pizzas adorned with dried tomatoes ,arugala and mozzarella this combination was to die for!!!!! I mean how fabulous a combination.The other with Scampi is a close second !!!!! so with the fairly good wine list one can have a pretty good meal. The atmosphere a modern décor in gray,black and white lends to the modern décor,the décor is not fabulous but hey the Pizza and nice service by a very friendly staff makes up for everything,since as you know I am funny about good service,this place really has good service.We decided before hand to have a small mixed salad nothing stupendous but was filling and did the trick!!!!! The olives that are served prior to your meal as a mini appetizer with the Focaccia bread was dangerous since one could fill themselves on this,so be careful.
The pizzas are not big they are huge and I was scared ,I would not finish the plate however being a boy who only eats once a day, I had a pretty big appetite and completed my tasty pizza.I enjoyed the evening the clientele very easy going and relaxed.Plus 39 is just another nice place to get a quick bite and across the street from the Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg just gives the place another advantage.During good weather there are stools and tables outside so it has a little urban Mediterranean flair and the pizzas are reasonable for roughly around 8 Euro to 11 Euro. I find the prices pretty reasonable and if need be you could just order one pizza since they are so big!!!
This place is a friendly spot with a very relaxed atmosphere,it’s truly a place to have a nice evening and with a good wine menu that my friends confirmed , made the evening an easy going and nice experience!!!!
I say yes to Stoneoven Pizzas and a check out this friendly restaurant in the Kreuzbergstrasse Plus 39
gets 9 points out of 10 just for being a nice place to eat and cool out in Berlin!!!!!

Love Sean

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