<!--:en-->Mustafas Döner in Kreuzberg !!!! one of the best in Berlin!!!<!--:-->

Mustafas Döner in Kreuzberg !!!! one of the best in Berlin!!!

Well this time its Cheap Chic Cuisine and fun!!!! everyone knows in Berlin the Döner Kebab!!
whether you love it or hate it’s everywhere in BerlinBerlin to be eaten it’s that quick bite when your hungry in the afternoon and late nights coming from a party when your ravished and need a bite. Its filling
and the taste is hearty and good!!! This Turkish delight is a must if you eat beef and or chicken the place I am speaking of makes theirs with Chicken which I must say is good!!!!or if you want just with vegetables and a spicy sauce as an alternative for the vegetarian!!!!
Generally filled with fresh Vegetables and various Sauces some spicy, some sour flavored often with garlic yeah its heavy at times but who can resist the taste which is often so delightful !!!! That I do not mind the bad breathe!!!!

The fabulous thing is that this stand is so easy to find located right at the stairway of the Metro station Mehringdamm in the Kreuzbergdistrict of Berlin and adjacent to the Metropol Hostel you find young global hipsters from Japan,Sweden,Australia, Italy you name it they are all there young, free spirits, devouring these delightful sandwiches,the price is roughly 3-4 Euro and your getting a filling and tasty meal here you sit outside since its just a stand , however you do have the opportunity to just look at the pedestrians on this funky urban strip of Mehringdamm. Here you see it all!! old ,young, chic, trashy, cool,urban , straight, gay and confused. I love to eat my meal here and just watch the folks and for an additional 1.50 or 2.00 euro you get a beverage so if you want a fun quick bite and are low on the coins go to Mustafa!!!!! Enjoy the Döner, I consider here one of the best!!! and oh yes and enjoy the urban Berlin vibes at this location!!!!!Love Sean

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