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“More” the Gay Friendly Restaurant in the heart of the Gay Community in Berlin!!!!!!

Well during the Easter wekend I decided to gay to the gay and very friendly Cafe – Restaurantmore berlin located in Berlin I went twice once during the day for Lunch and once in the evening and I had at both times a nice and comfortable time!!!1 why did I decide to go?? well a good friend of mine always goes for lunch there and as he says !!!and I quote “The Food is good, inexpensive, they have a nice décor and there is some nice boy/men candy to watch so hey why not eat there!!!!

I met with a friend for brief lunch I must say with their daily Lunch menus I was taken aback for the quality and the price it was truly incredible roughly priced between 5 and 9 Euro and you will most definitely get a good and filling meal.The dishes vary depending on the day so the diverse international cuisine will vary a little depending on the day!!!!in the afternoon for lunch I had a delightful omelette with gorgonzola which I really liked!!!the omelette was served with a salad. the dish was quite large and I must say I was frightened since the serving was pretty big which if you are on a budget is great since you most definitely will have a filling and pretty darn good meal.I had a Cafe Latte and then I was off but decided to see what it would be like in the evening!!!!
So a very good friend and I had dinner he ordered a Wiener Schnitzel which he stated was good and for the price of 16.50 with a large salad
granted not dirt cheap but was reasonable and the portion was again quite generous!!!I ordered a Salad with Roasted Mozzarrella an interesting combination but it was good and for 7.50 was worth every penny!!!

Naturally we love to drink so we had a house red wine 4 Euro and champagne 7.50 Euro which I thought was pretty well priced I mean the prices are really fair thank god!!!! afterwards we were quite in a giddy mood and the atmosphere at this place was quite fun.More Berlin is a place in Berlin where gay men and their straight friends can go and have a really nice and relaxed evening!!!!!!
Tell the boys I sent you!!!!

Love Sean

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