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Spaghetti Western pasta dishes that make you say wow!!!in Berlin Mitte

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Spaghetti Western!!!!No it’s not one of those corny 50’s westerns but a Unique Italian restaurant that specializes in Pasta Dishes with some unique Combinations!!!!The Restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte Torstrasse This sparse Decorated Restaurant with a young Berliner Hip but Low Key staff,Welcome their guests for good Pasta Fanfare.I was with a Fab Gal Pal that I adored and we decided omn a small discreet side table where we ordered a bottle of Water Pellegrino of course and a Glass of White Italian Sauvignon.And Then we chatted a bit with our waiter we decided on a green salad with Pears,I had never had this combination before but I loved the blend of this light and still slightly sweet green salad.Through the simplicity of the Salad I was delighted since it was a good starter and a good beginning of a nice quiet evening.

We later decided on Pasta but then again they specialize in just that Pasta I had a Fettuccine with Eggplant and Mozzarella which I found to be so terribly good that I was all smiles really simple in ingredients but so well done that I was delighted since I had wanted to come here for quitye some time.

My girlfreind had a Ravioli dish which were adorned with nuts and cheese also a true heavanly didsh fattening maybe!!!but so good.We talked about everything that evening and had a relaxing time at Spaghetti Western it’s a cute place and if your a pasta fan!!!Then Spaghetti Western should not be missed!!!!!

The meal cost roughly 38 Euro which was fair the salad was big enough for two and the portions are big so one dish may suffice if your appetite is not really big!!!!!Boun Apetito

P.S. They don’t accept credit cards so please bring cash!!The price for the evening was roughly 37 Euro !!!!it was so worth it.

Love Sean

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