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Slow Food dining at “Cafe Aroma”

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I decided to revisit Cafe Aroma this restaurant is really a Berlin institution !!!Italian cuisine made the old fashioned way!!!!and still this place continues to have fans all these years.So I decided to go for the evening . Cafe Aroma is located in a quiet side street in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district.The evening started with good energy we were warmly greeted it’s friendly staff and this place is one of those restaurants that you feel like you are a returning friend. This evening we decided on a really simple evening that turned into a true culinary surprise.We first decided on a Glass of Red Wine from Sicily that was both elegant and had a great bouquet so we eased into the evening!!!

I decided to order as a starter a salad of Artichokes with Parmesan cheese, this combination was not only amazing but sophisticated and delicate with the Parmesan giving the al dente artichokes an interesting and modern edge.I later decided on my main course Fresh Pasta with Salmon and Scampi true this dish can be

simple but then again Cafe Aroma offered this dish and took it to another level. The dish was well seasoned,hearty and still was quite modern I adored this dish it made me really happy that I had decided on this plate for the evening. My friend ordered lamb chops with sauteed carrots, polenta ,and potato puree the meal

I was told was also very good .I am a fan of Polenta and Potatoes so I tried the puree a simple delight and the polenta heaven!!!!

We were having a fun culinary evening with laughs and a good mood. We ended the evening with a Vanilla Gelato with pistachio nuts and this desert was topped with a light chocolate sauce,again divine.

We had a good time here I will return to this old institution,that really makes one feel welcomed and at home and with their Slow Food Movement had me won over again !!!!!enjoy Cafe Aroma I sure did!!!!

P.S. Sundays they offer a nice brunch which is always a good alternative when you want to have breakfast with friends.

Love Sean

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