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“Pastawerk”The Urban Pasta Shop in Berlin

On a sunny day i decided to walk around the neighborhood of Schoeneberg and discovered a little jewel   and fell in love.I am a fan of the Italian Cuisine so when i discovered this shop that sells fresh pasta made on the premises i was intrigued.I went into the shop and was greeted by a friendly sales woman who turned out to be one of the owners.I was enticed fresh Ravioli,Fresh Pasta made on the premises you actually see them prepare it , and then with an array of Pesto Sauces and other Culinary specialties from Italy you feel like your in a small modern and urban Pasta Shop in Milan .The sales woman offered such a warm friendly service   I decided to purchase Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta.I prepared the pasta and had a wonderful homemade meal.I adored the place with its simple but modern decor ,good service and good fresh  Pasta as well.The shop offers Gift certificates which i think is absolute a divine gift to give  .This pasta shop is the real deal go and  get a little bit of Dolce Vita at Pastawerk. All i can say is Pastawerk is a shop with a heart!!!!

Love Sean

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