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The Quirky-Fun Shoes of Manolo Blahnik for Spring!!!!

While walking to work having my Chai Latte i discovered a colorful whimsical Spring Window of Shoes from one of the Shoe masters himself? Manolo Blahnik!!Yeah we know it has been a few years since the major hype about this master of footwear, however this classic shoe designer still creates some of the most divine shoes for women. Recently in Berlin I was walking down the street and discovered his work for Spring Summer,the message he had in the shop windows compliments all the trends for the upcoming season. The shoes that caught my eye were his ballerinas ,and flats that are both colorful, and sexy I adored his High Heel slippers that reminded one of the Carnival in Rio.I think most of the shoes he created for the season are not only feminine and playful but are easy to pep up any classic look that one is wearing.

He created a few designs for the Black and White summer trend.these shoes are for women who prefer to wear neutral tones so that his Black and White pieces are strong and individualistic in their fashion statement.

Love Sean

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