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“Long March Canteen” Modern ,Fine Chinese dining in Berlin!!!

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“Long March Canteen”A little bit of True Eclectic Chinese Cuisine in Berlin.I have been lucky to go to China a few times so therefore when a friend invited me to dinner for a culinary Chinese delight I was a little intrigued!!

Well this restaurant is one of my favorites for those looking for a modern and real good Chinese cuisine.We arrived and were greeted by a young attractive girl at the reception we were taken to a table by a friendly waiter with a menu in both German and English so it’s good for tourists with no German knowledge. Entering this darkly lit establishment took me a little time to get use to, but the atmosphere mysterious,intimate with an Asian Decor that was not kitschy but a true delight for the eye. I felt totally at ease and relaxed myself at the large round table to indulge my senses. We were chatty this evening so we decided to order quickly to continue our gossiping. We ordered dim sum which included steamed dumpling filled with vegetables,marinated spicy cucumbers

which were delicate and very mouth watering.There was another unique order of marinated tuna with red beets and green beans an eclectic mixture and true surprise.We were delighted with our first orders so we decided on chicken and onions on a skewer .I decided to have a drink and that was a Rose Crement and I was delighted that here was no Traditional Sekt but French Rose Crement which I decided to have twice.At the end of a nice evening with a friendly staff and truly international atmosphere and clientele we decided on desert!!! deep fried bananas in a caramelized sugar coating.Good yes filling definitely!!!!! We had a good evening here and if you want modern and good Chinese cuisine with a cool atmosphere then here is the right place!!!The prices are not cheap but the meal included our drinks came up to roughly 95 Euros the price was worth it !!!!


Love Sean

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