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A Funky evening at”Raval”Drinks and Tapas in Kreuzberg !!!!

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Bar Raval was a true surprise it’s been around for a while so when friends recommended for the evening a Tapas Bar I was intrigued !!!Raval is a Tapas Bar that really spoils you with authentic Spanish Tapas.

I was not sure if it was the hype or not but Raval is the real deal!!!Located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district by the Goerlitzer Park.

This well executed Tapas Bar turned out to be a surprise after ordering drinks and just gabbing away I was told by my friends to try the potato croquettes which were heaven as well as a well marinated octopus.With the delicious breads and the tasty spanish sparkling white wine the evening was a true delight!!!When you want to meet friends for tapas and drinks Raval is truly a good place!!!!and the atmosphere is typical Berlin cool and chilled!!!True it was not cheap but the food and evening were worth it!!!!!

Love Sean

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