<!--:en-->“Cafe am Neuen See” The Classic Beer Garden in Berlin<!--:-->

“Cafe am Neuen See” The Classic Beer Garden in Berlin

Berlin at this time is really warm and its great to see so many places!!!This place is an old classic but worth a visit every time!!!Cafe am Neuen See is in the Tiergarden Park located on the water this Restaurant /Beer Garden is a great place to relax and have a small bite to eat!!!I happened to be here with friends and had a real good green Salad with Scampi and a little white wine !!!The service was a little slow but over all the location is so really nice and I must admit by the great weather the place was packed!!!here is a place that one should go to when in Berlin!!!

P.S. You have the option of the Beer garden thats a little inexpensive or the Restaurant where the prices are a little high!it’s up to your purse strings!!!

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