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Light Dining a La Francais @ Les Climats

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I decided to meet with a customer and chose a  small french cafe “Les Climats” for a late lunch in the Schoeneberg district of Berlin .The unique thing about this neck of the woods, is that in this particular area previously it was  dominated by drugs and prostitution, but as of lately the area is attracting quite a few interesting young entrepreneurs so the area is becoming quite unique.I was attracted to this restaurant with its welcoming wood and brick decor .The restaurant offers small

culinary delights for a small price.They are not only a cafe – restaurant,however they offer the customer fine cheeses, delicacies and a pretty impressive collection of wines to take home .

The staff warm and friendly and since this place is not in a over populated street you have  a local clientel ,which makes  this place quite nice.

For lunch I ordered soup and my client ordred a Ratatouille with red wine.Our lunch was not only good but the fine French bread was a surprise as well.The outside cafe is also great when you have a little time take a  table outside and just enjoy a part Berlin .

Love Sean

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