<!--:en-->“Cappucino Grand Cafe”A fancy Cafe for Lunch or after work drinks<!--:-->

“Cappucino Grand Cafe”A fancy Cafe for Lunch or after work drinks

After  work drinks!!  often it is lots of fun to meet friends and catch up on gossip.The other evening with a dear friend we decided on this venue since she usually likes things a little upscale.She suggested ” Cappucino Grand Cafe” a restaurant /cafe with a little elegant and modern flair.On this evening we were not really interested in eating. We decided on drinks and since this place is dedicated to the Apertivo it was the appropriate venue for the evening,  we ordered a glass of Aperol with white wine and  ginger ale and later a Sauvignon white wine.What was quite original and something I always loved in Italy is that they gave us a few small hor d’oeurves free of charge with our drinks, which was actually great. We were not interested in eating but little munchies are always good when chatting. The cafe decorum   is quite nice.The drinks and nibblies   are also tasty,however the service  was a little too pretentious ! I think that service is so important so if you want a nice friendly staff don’t expect miracles but for a quick drink or lunch it’s fine and it is centrally located in Berlin’s Charlottennburg district.I forgot to mention these guys have  been in business for a well with three other locations as restaurants named Petrocelli which is dedicated to the Italian cuisine they are nice restaurants where one will get a nice meal!!!!!

Love Sean