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Lunching @Rogacki”s a True Berlin Institution

There restaurants,cafes and bars in Berlin that every Berlin seems to know,however real Berliners both old and young agree that there  is only one place you can buy your meat and fish and that’s   Rogacki a store that offers fresh meat,poultry and  fish .I went  on this day with an elderly Berliner friend and she told me wonderful stories about visiting the store as a young girl after the Second  World War and later in the early  60s and 70s .Berliners swear about the high quality offered and swear that to lunch at Rogacki is like lunching at a good old Berliner’s home . Rogacki offfers various fish ,poultry,sausages and meat dishes with side orders of their famous Potato Salads. Rogacki offers other side dishes such as cucumber salad, mixed salad and other vegetables.Inside Rogacki which is a Store /Gourmet shop and Lunch Emporium.

The walls are decorated with vintage pictures from the past and fine german delicacies  to take home to impress your friends.

Later i decided to indulge I  ordered a Fish Cake   with a side order of red beets and really good cucumber salad.

The fish cake  was good and huge albeit a little dry, I must admit i did not think of ordering a sauce,however the taste  was good and hearty not great  but still good,Rogacki’s atmosphere is  a mix between food emporium-cafetreria everything is served on trays ,unfortunately you must stand but then again the atmosphere is fun,with lively Berliners here. If one wants too see how Berliners live and enjoy things that are authentically Berlin.Then one must do Rogacki !!Located in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district in the Wilmersdorfer strasse .

It was fun and   a little bit of old Berlin.!!!

Love Sean

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