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„Flowers“ @ Calendula creating bouquets for the Berlin Gay Community

It was a true surprise the other day when i received a gift from a good friend Flowers!

What can I say it is Mother’s day so Flowers are usually the norm.

However I think flowers should be a gesture to everyone all the time.

This little shop which is based in the heart of the Gay Community of Schoeneberg,has been offering for the past 17 years one of the most delightful and friendly places to get a fierce bouquet of flowers.Whether Peonies,Roses,Lilies,or Tulips they have something for your liking.The staff offers an array of gorgeous flowers that will make many smile.The staff are cool and Calendula is truly one of the true institutions in the Gay Community in Berlin.When looking for  a nice bouquet ,good service and a Berlin Smile.

Calendula is a good bet.

Love Sean

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