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Say it with Flowers!!Say Marsano!!!

I love Flowers and there times i buy a bouquet for myself to lift my spirits.So off i was to Marsano in Berlin’s Mitte district. I  had heard of the shop for sometime but never had time to stop by,However i wanted to lift a friends spirits so i was off to Marsano a flowers shop delight.I chose a bouquet of soft pink roses.The service a group of friendly ladies who were busy as little bees arranging bouquets for various client.They have a delivery service which I loved .The shop also sells scented candles and Vintage Furniture which I thought really was cool due to the Interior decorations which inspires one .I love  when shops go beyond just offering the standard services and this place is a floral inspiration with that little extra.Need a gift for friends say it with flowers it’s always worth it!!!

Love Sean

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