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‘Cocoro’ The New Teahouse Cafe in Berlin’s Kreuzberg District

Cocoro Teahouse and Cafe!!!! Teahouse the new cafe/ teahouse in Berlin‘s, Kreuzberg district located on the Mehringdamm was a true delightful surprise for me!!!Mehringdamm is a street with tons of normal but also some original shops, cafes, bars and clubs here is a true Berlin neighborhood!!! and here is where I discovered this sleek cafe which caught my eye immediately the other day while traveling on my bike!! I decided this was possibly a good place to hangout for a tea or cafe. With a love for the Traditional Tea houses in Japan and South Korea !!!the owners decided to bring this culture to Berlin with a unique and chic touch that really grasped my fashionistas attention. The cafe house has a welcoming aura but still retains a chic aura through its modern Black and Gray color scheme !!!this naturally helps to make all of the tasty items such as Cookies ,Cakes,Macarons,and goodlooking sandwiches really a delight!!!! at Cocoro Teahouse You really can start your day here with a chic décor and friendly service. I decided after coming in and feeling at home in this well decorated but still not overdone cafe that I had to write about them !!!it is hard in Berlin one cant and should not over do it in Berlin since it can turn off many !but the place is done with a lot of love to detail and with this I decided to order my beloved caffe latte which was good and ok in price!!!! friends Cocoro Teahouse is a good place to start your day!!!!!!!!!I just adored it!!!

Love Sean

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