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Bekarei!!!The Quirky Cafe in Prenzlauerberg

I love hanging out and shooting the breeze with friends so I was pretty happy to find this place on one of those hot days in Berlin !!!!yeah in this summer we finally were saved with a few nice sun rays!!!
I was off to the Dunckerstrasse in Berlin‘s Prenzlauerberg !!! The district that at times is so full of itself!!! you know the types we are chic!!! we are cool and trendy!!! it can be a bit pretentious!!!!but the district still has so much to offer, so I was waiting for my assistant Miriam and decided to go off to this Bakery Cafe called “Bekarei” and what a Bakery – Cafe!!!!it sells the usual cakes,bread,muffins and sandwiches!!!but these delicacies are
often Portuguese specialties !!!!

I am not too familiar with the Portuguese Cuisine but me being me!!!! I decided to try out something new and !!!I ordered for myself a really Good Cafe Latte and a glass of Water from the Tap and sat outside on the very retro furniture from the 60s and 70s and just did a little people watching the thing is in this district many are giving you the Berlin style!!! which can be anything from Grunge to Super Clean Chic!!!!the cafe is really a quirky decorated place with its retro furniture in orange, dark brown tones with the black chairs make a true good mix and I love it!!! the cafe has its own flavor that actually has you at total ease!!!! and still it has a retro chic touch at the same time.”Bekarei” is one of those places that you realize is why the district is the hipster district of Berlin!!!!!so back to eating: the ham and cheese sandwich was ordered by miriam was good and met up to her French Cuisine tastebuds!!! I had a small mini muffin mmm tasty and sinful !!!the place is authentic go in and find out for yourselves at”Bekarei” a little bit of Portugal in Berlin!!!!!

Love Sean

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