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Junior’s a Brooklyn Institution serves the best Cheesecake in New York!!!!!

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Well I have been in Brooklyn the last few days!!!! and I decided to visit a Brooklyn instution!@!!1for a quick bite!!! Juniors cheesecake!!!! is a well known deli in downtown Brooklyn !!! Well the reason I go is not for the Pastrami sandwiches or the other fanfare that all know are really quite tasty!!! but I go for the best Cheesecake in town!!!

Whether topped with Strawberries or Pineapple or just plain!! the Cheesecake!!!is to die for!!!
The décor is a bright orange with yellow tones and warm wood panelling that is so reminiscent of a 1960s restaurant or Pop Art styled lounge ,which I actually enjoy since it lifts ones mood !!!!
Guess what friends?? Sex and the city was filmed here !!!!!!talk about iconic!!!!! I met a fellow fashionista the ex top model by the name of Aria who modeled for Yves Saint Laurent back in the day buying !!! oh my god!!! Cheesecake here as well she told me “oh yeah I love Juniors cheesecake !!! it’s really down home and a Brooklyn institution so go and enjoy the cheesecake!!!!!!!

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