<!--:en-->“Babanbe”The unique Franco Vietnamese Deli Restaurant in Berlin Mitte!!!<!--:-->

“Babanbe”The unique Franco Vietnamese Deli Restaurant in Berlin Mitte!!!

I decided with my godson to go for a quick bite and since we were in Berlin‘s Mitte district and close to the
C/O gallery, I decided to try out this attractive looking and easy going French Vietnamese cafe / restaurant with the quirky name called Babanbe‘ !!!!This restaurant cafe with its clean , white, gray, and white interior makes it quite inviting!!!!
so we decided to try out the food we ordered from the really friendly and helpful staff from the menu.
The menu includes ,Salads,Sandwiches,and Soups so one really has a place for a great snack!!!!
We decided upon a standard salad with various vegetables such as Tomatoes,Beets,and a little bit of Tuna .

The salad’s topping was a pear vinaigrette dressing, since one had a choice of various dressings!! and my godchild had a sandwich with beef called Meetball madness!!!!!the portions were quite large and our meals were good. My salad was good !!! but the sandwich was greatly applauded by Alex who stated he loved the seasoned taste of his sandwich and this kid is very picky!!! At the moment I am on a non alcoholic phase so I had a quirky Ginger Lemonade beverage!!!!and Alex had a beverage which was a Lemonade Soda an Austrian specialty !!!!we were able to sit relax and shoot the breeze and people watch!!! the crowd relatively young hipsters lends to this places cool atmosphere !!! Babanbe is a nice and a good place to have a snack when in the neighborhood maybe a coffee with a macarons !!!!I paid roughly 20 euro for our meals it’s a nice place for a nice snack albeit not the cheapest but then again the atmosphere and friendly service really make it worth the extra coins !!!check out Babanbe!!!

P.S. Or try the First locationat the Oranienplatz 2 in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district each Deli you are sure to have a good healthy meal!@!!

Love Sean!!!!!

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