<!--:en-->Westernhagen!!!!Does it again with some good ole!!!!!!German Rock and Blues!!!!<!--:-->

Westernhagen!!!!Does it again with some good ole!!!!!!German Rock and Blues!!!!

Rocking at o2 worldarena with Marius Mueller Westernhagen!!!!!

I wanted to just briefly mention friends I went out to listen to some German Rock par excellence!!!
this time I attended the concert of Westernhagen,honestly he gave a concert that I thought was pretty amazing and shows that he still has it after so many years!!!! singing songs such as Sexy , and Freiheit ,were really nostalgic but great and during the performance a great deal from his most recent album Williamsburg dedicated to Brooklyn, who knows for sure other than the music was produced in Brooklyn, but the songs are good German Rock and some Blues as well!!!! anything dedicated to NY New Yorkand Brooklyn I just have to love!! !!!!!!!
sure I live and love Berlin but I love NY as well.

The amazing thing was that the show had spectators from their mid 20s to their mid 60s and were rocking to the music as if they did not have a care so the music is truly timeless rock music!
After the concert I had VIP tickets so I went off and met his darling wife the ex Top Model Romney Williams -Westernhagen Westernhagen, who later gave me the pleasure of giving a vogue moment!
When she modelled she worked for some of the best LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld,Chanel,AzzedineAlaia to name just a few and folks the lady still has awesome style so if you have the time listen to the sounds of Westernhagen a true German rock legend.

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