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Grand old European Flair!!!!The Einstein Cafe in Berlin’s Schoeneberg District !!!

I had to go and meet my Accountant yes someone who makes a few coins still has to go to an accountant !We decided to meet in a wonderful old cafe in Berlin that I think is having a revival and that is the Cafe Einstein in Schoeneberg this wonderful Vienna Style cafe which was a residential villa and now is a cafe – restaurant ,in BerlinBerlin for many years serves up a good breakfast and at the same time a good lunch and dinner to boot so if you need to go somewhere that really has that old european charm The buiilding has some amazing details in the wood work ,the antiques mirrors and other unique architectural details that include the bar and the wonderful old doors. This exquisite location accompanied with a friendly service makes this place another place in Berlin that one must visit if not for the architecture then for the Austrian ,European Cuisine.During the morning we kept our breakfast simple a Croissant with a really good Cafe and Cafe Latte that was served with butter and jam.The Breakfast menu is quite big so that one will most definitely find something to suit your palette .After having had such a delightful morning.

Later that day I decided to return for dinner I got a small booth in the corner where I was able to see the guests and still have some intimacy .We ordered on this evening a Gruener Veltliner White Wine and a bottle of Mineral water ,after having inspected the menu which is not big but still well rounded so that everyone will mos definitely find something. We decided on a Ricotta filled Ravioli and a serving of Beef with roasted potatoes and vegetables.Both meals were well executed simple but well made and our meals wrre accompanied by a variety of white and brown Bread with butter and Cream Cheese on the side . I was told by my dinner partner that the Beef was both tender and delicate and the horseradish served on the side was a quirky accent to the meal with the roasted potatoes making the meal both hearty and still very tasty indeed. My dish the Ricotta filled Ravioli was really the right sized portion for me since I was not very hungry ,it was Light and served with a light sauce perfected this dish , the ravioli was covered only lightly with a delicate sauce which had one really taste the ingredients.After having finished our drinks we decided to leave why?? I do not know because the atmosphere was very splendid and comfortable and still so very old europe !!the food and wine were good, I guess I was just tired and needed to get some sleep but I will return to try some more of the other dishes and because they also have a gorgeous garden in the back that is divine in the summer so that it is a must when visiting Cafe Einstein which truly is worth a visit when in Berlin.

The Dinner cost us roughly 57 Euro which considering the portions which were good and fair with our drinks it was not a bad deal.Please note the food is not cheap but you will get a meal that you will enjoy and remember.

P.S. did I forgot to mention one could go in the afternoon for coffee and cake so one does not have to go for a meal but maybe just a relaxing break and enjoy the old Berlin atmosphere

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