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Tea Time at the Chen Che!!!

Tea Time at the ChenChe Berlin!!!! I am generally a coffee person however I was told about this place from Barbara and I had heard about it from others so I went off on a sunny afternoon to the Rosenthaler strasse and course Boom!!!!I was thrilled
so Berlin so adorable I realized why did it take me so long to get here this Reastaurant ,Cafe is truly a discreet jewel in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Trendy Berlin Mitte.

First this place is in the back courtyard of the Rosenthalerstrasse so at first you cant imagine this place would be so delightful!!1I found myself thinking of this place as a sanctuary from the chaos of the big city!!1This delightful place offers traditional tea,coffee,and a vary of Vietnamese cuisine and Pastries as well!!!and some really tasty Iced Teas ,which is what I ordered and I was really taken aback by how refreshing,so later I ordered another Tea with Lemon grass and Ginger also unique refreshing and gave me the kick I needed since I was a little fatigued!!!t I realized this could be an alternative for me when I am looking for a relaxing place when meeting friends instead of a cafe here is a great alternative whether for a romantic dinner ,or
just meeting friends for a nice afternoon or evening I am sure many will appreciate such an eclectic boheme asian décor which I loved.

The décor is so inspiring, so colorful,and oh did I mention the Caged birds which was so quirky and delightful. It lends an air of tranquility!!!!! I wanted to sit at the table next to the Birds which I did and I really enjoyed that I felt like a kid again.I later went out into their garden in the back which also is an oasis when one really needs a few minutes of tranquility and still be surrounded by beauty!!!!
Its always so hard to find gifts for my demanding friends but this place with their exotic teas and
porcelain for the home maybe a nice alternative when searching for special gift.
This exotic Cage Paradise is the right place in Berlin!!!
when one wants something different,the prices are reasonable, so it is affordable for many.Chill Out and Relax at ChenChe-Berlin!!!!!!!!

Love Sean

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