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Turkish Delight!!!! At “Hasir” in Berlin

It is one of those Turkish institutions in Berlin where one must go when you want a good, hearty meal at
a fair price with both a nice atmosphere,friendly staff and good service !!!!Then Hasir is the place I decided to go with a business associate the other night!!! I have been a few times so I ordered the
sauteed Chicken in a sauce with bell peppers,and onions served with a side order of white rice.
We were served as a starter a tasty green salad which was in a delicate light vinaigrette , the salad simple included and array of green lettuce, parsley,basil,and peppermint leaves ,and onions the dish was simplistic but delightful in taste this dish reminded me of the great salad dishes I have had in Istanbul.
Later we were served the main course with one of my true favorites fresh baked turkish bread .Oh boy friends I must really admit !!!!when I go to Hasir it is undeniably for the chicken !!!this particular chicken dish is to die for!!!!a chicken that is sauteed and has a slight charcoal flavor really makes this dish one of those outstanding dishes. I realized again this is why I return to this really adorable restaurant location in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district.The restaurant is an institution in Berlin with four other restaurants scattered around in Berlin which include the Kreuzberg,Mitte, Schoeneberg and Spandau districts one has a chance to try this Turkish delight.

Prior to ordering our meals we decided on our drinks I ordered a Glass of Italian Prosecco which was dry and I admit satisfied my very difficult bubbly palette for the evening.My Business Partner had her apple juice spritzer and had a smothered lamb dish which she stated was also good. The meat was tender and delicate with a very good and light seasoning this meant we both were in heaven after a long work day!!!!this particular evening was one of those nights where one is not sure where to eat but does not want too much attitude but some really good down home food where the prices are also quite fair we paid roughly 50 Euro for our meal which really was not bad !!!!!granted not cheap but for four drinks and two main courses with a salad you cant beat the price!!!!!and with the friendly service and calm atmosphere it was all worth while. I adore the Turkish cuisine and Hasir with their Brown and Turquoise Nothern African, Turkish inspired décor and the wonderful white table linen which are always well received by this fashionista!!!!!!Hasir.

is the place that always gets me!!!!! the place is a little comfortable jewel in Berlin.

Love Sean

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