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Restaurant-Brenner is a unique place to eat in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district it’s a classic upscale district in Berlin!!!!A friend recommended the place and on this night I wanted to go home so even though it was not a funky or trendy place I decided to go to try the place out thinking a quick meal and then off to bed!!!! but too my surprise this place a rustic decorated restaurant in a really adorable location turned out to be a darn pleasant surprise!!!!First we were told that there was a fixed menu which considering I was not in the mood to decided was ok by mew as long as I could have fish!!!So we started with a lobster and shrimp on a green peas puree with truffle oil and sauteed pears and with a lobster soup granted quite a bit but all were good and delicate to the taste well seasoned and even though u a unique combination it worked well fish with puree!!

The second course was fish again for me which was sander with a very well seasoned risotto this dish also well executed and the fish well seasoned to make the course good and rememberable. My date had a a slice of lamb with a bean cassoulet and celery as an accompaniment after this course we were delighted since our meal was really good and accompanied with a selection of Californian wines the first a Chardonnay Private Selection for the main course and later followed by a Red Cabernet Sauvignon Private Selection the meals and wine were a perfect combination!!!!so I was very pleased to say the least!!! we were lightheaded but in a pleasant way since the service was really attentive and perfect which you know I truly adore I realized the evening was a unexpected success.

To end the evening we had a Fleur de marquis cheese with nut bread and a eggplant chutney !!which was light and ended a perfect evening !!!!the décor is not really my style but the service and food were a true delight and if one wants a romantic evening then this is a nice alternative located in a cozy corner and since spring is coming with their outside tables then Restaurant-Brenner this may be the perfect place for a nice spring evening I am pretty sure!!!

The evening cost us roughly 150.00 Euro this included drinks water and three courses so its a little pricy but worth the evening!!!

Love Sean

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