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OK We know the Italian cuisine can be pretty sophisticated however I do prefer when the traditional dishes with little fanfare still make you smile!!! I was at this place last week on a tuesday evening and me being the way I am I had been at this place already and was amazed at this very sophisticated take on the Italian Cuisine!!! So this time I went with friends here in Berlin to Noi Quattro because I wanted to see if the restaurant still meets to my expectations!!!! I must say first the Service even though friendly they were not the most self assured but hey the friendly service makes upo for any problems that occur?? So my friends and I sat down at an intimate table to enjoy the evening and this we did have!! I started of with a really delectable and remarkable fish soup delicate and well seasoned this consomme was delicate and elegant and the appetizer I decided on a classic Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Basil a classic which one can never go wrong however I must admit after my first course I was eanrticipating something grand I got !!!something Tasty but nothing to write Nona home about.It was seasoned but still I felt there was something missing even though Al dente. We decided on a classic white wine which was great for my meal my Partner for the evening had a starter of a lentil salad which as we know can be bland but the chef here made this al dente salad also a true delight!!!!The ,meal and service was all in all delightful and the accompanying Pinot Grigio Was a nice choice for my meal that evening!!!this high end restaurant was not cheap so we shared one bottle split among 4 !!!The evening and atmosphere which is a little upscale however still discreet made me really like this place when wants his peace and quiet and located in the really adorable Sued Stern where you have a view of an 19th century church the location is one of those attractive places in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district. The place is a little pricy but a nice option when opting for fine dining

Love Sean

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