<!--:en-->The “Pizza Klub”darn good Pizza and easy on a fashionistas purse strings!!!!<!--:-->

The “Pizza Klub”darn good Pizza and easy on a fashionistas purse strings!!!!

Pizza Klub!!!!it’s really crazy, I mean there are so many Italian places to eat in Berlin but then there are some places that are so worth mentioning!!!!!!This place I would not say is for the culinary
Italian cuisine if you are looking for a complete culinary italian experience but if you want some good pizza in a very unpretentious place where the service is friendly the people very laid back then hey !!!this is a place maybe you wanted a discreet cheap meal some place inBerlin this is the place!!

Located in a very small side street doors away from the S bahn train station Yorkstrasse.The Pizza Klub I was told to visit from a friend he said to me and I quote yeah its the best darn pizza and Phillip the guy who told me about the place is quite picky!!! so thought hey its worth a try!!!!
First of all the décor is not special but you do feel comfortable meaning regardless if in Jeans and a t shirt or coming from the office this is a come as you are Pizza Joint which is relaxed and so Berlin!! no attitude just good Pizza and easy going vibes!!! we started off with a simple but good green salad with carrots it was simple but good ,the plate I shared thank goodness!!!! because the portion was quite substantial.

I later ordered weirdly enough a Pizza with artichokes and goat cheese? Why ? Well I was feeling frisky and needed something slightly off the wall!!! and this Pizza with its very thin crust was truly a delight even though again was a jumbo Pizza!!! due to the fact that the dough was not very thick made the adventure of overcoming this plate easy and enjoyable.Accompanying my food I oredered a Small glass of Prosecco yes I love my Bubbly and a bottle of water from the Tap yes water from the tap you can drink in Berlin and I say why not save your money where you can!!!!
With the very friendly atmosphere and cheerful folks eating at this place it turned out to be a simple evening but an enjoyable one.Let me tell you that there are so many places in Berlin!!! so true!!!!!!
but Pizza Klub is just a nice place and it’s pretty cozy and quiet !!!! and when the weather allows they have benches outside where you can sit eat and shoot the breeze!!!

It’s a simple restaurant but guys the Pizzas are really good and for roughly 29 euro I had Two glasses of Prosecco,My partner a Pinot Grigio white wine,Salad that we shared,and two Pizzas the price was great and it was fun!!!
Eat drink and chill!!! without spending too much at Pizza Klub in Schoeneberg in Berlin.
Love Sean

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