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Ponte-ristorante !!!Italian Cuisine at a level of true culinary heaven!!! Yeah we know Berlin has many Italian restaurants and the Italian kitchen is quite diverse. So I was really amazed from a friend who is himself an amazing cook really raved about this restaurant. This adorable discreet restaurant is a true Culinary bomb located in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district!!! I went to this restaurant on a friday evening where the place was relatively full, with a very relaxed but upscale clientele.So off I went into this elegantly decorated restaurant with their classic white linen which I always adore and was given a nice table in the back room in a discreet corner where I still had a good view to look around without being on total display. I had this evening a Classic Pasta with pesto sauce and pine nuts and arugula which was a true delight in taste very aromatic but still very elegant. My Starter was a Zuppa di Fagioli!!!Bean Soup which I must say was one of the best I have had in quite some time and along with the Wonderful,Bread and Rose Wine I was in heaven . The service friendly, warm and still reserved that one felt welcomed and still there is a bit of discretion. Ponte-Ristorante is a nice option when one wants truly good Italian fanfare and the service is good. Ponte-Ristorante is a little Pricy I paid roughly for my two dishes and wine 32 Euro so we are talking about for two roughly 80-100 Euro when you choose a good wine.But the money is worth it. I will return to this place it’s a new darling of mine!!!!and with their adorable outside terrace it is great for one of those hot Berlin summer evenings!!!

Love Sean

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