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Edson Cordeiro!!!!!The Brazilian Singer Sparkles at The Wintergarten in Berlin

Last night I promised a friend to go see a performance of the Brazilian singer and I must say award winning “Brazilian Star” who has been enthralling Brazilians and now Berliner’s and Germany for the past few years .So off I was last night to the Wintergarten-Berlin a theater that offers various performances from diverse artists is a place to enjoy Berlin‘s artistic diversity . Edson Cordeiro I must admit I had seen him perform on TV in Germany and had read about this Soprano / Countertenor’s work in many papers but still I was not sure how he would stand up to a live performance!!?? I was taken away by this eloquent “Powerhouse Performer” who sings in various octaves !!!The artist performed music ranging from Haendel arias to a very airy and moving rendition of Madonna‘s Frozen then again a BeeGees saucy Staying Alive rendition which was a fun version !!!!!!!During the evening he goes into to a small and lighthearted banter with his accompanying pianist which I realized is quite important for many artists the relationship between a singer and their pianist.
After intermission he returned on stage where he performed various Brazilian songs from both his home town of Sao Paolo and from northern Brazil!!! I realized after after a few minutes that I was tapping my feet and I really wanted to get up and samba his music had me wanting to visit Brazil!!!!! He was able to capture the sweet sounds of Brazilian his eloquent way and this I found endearing.EdsonCordeiro performance is one of those international artists in Berlin that makes this city so unique so when in Berlin check him out or listen to his music on a CD!!

Love Sean

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