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Sudaka, Golzstrasse 36

Those of you who already know Chakall from his TV shows or have read his book “Chakall cooks” (winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2010) will be especially pleased to learn that the iconic Argentine chef, who is easily recognized by his turban, has just opened a new restaurant in Berlin, the city where he lives with the family. His gastronomic universe is colorful multi-culti and overfilled with music and joy. Not without a touch of pride and self-irony Chakall calls himself a “sudaka” a rather unflattering nickname, an equivalent to “latino” in South American slang, and so he batptises his new place. But our chef turns it into a comliment, like an omelette. Sudaka is the practical demonstration of how far 500 years of colonialism and mix of blood and cultures (Swiss, Italian, French, Spanish and Argentina) have positively influenced the South American cuisine and tradition. Ranging from Mexican Murales to vodoo dolls, from Colombia to Patagonia, both the interior and the menu are like a cheerful and sensual, kaleidoscope of aromas, sounds and colors. Among our favorite recipes are Cheviche and Tiradito, two traditional dishes from Peru consisting of raw fish marinated in lime juice, best if accompanied by a salad of mango and wild flowers. Not to be missed are the Parillas, grilled-meat specialities from Argentina and Brazil such as fillet, T-bone, or ossobuco, accompanied by the incredible sauces created ​​by our talented chef.
We had it all washed down with Prisco Sauer (the new Mojito!) and rivers of Estrella Galicia. Unforgettable, not to say dangerous, the spoon-cheesecake with guava.
Have all your six-senses rejoice at Sudaka!

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