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Atelier Awash by Davide Grazioli

Today’s fashion is showing an holistic approach. Not only it dresses our bodies but also our souls. Not only it reflects our personal style, but also our values and beliefs. In Berlin, the high social and environmental consciousness is pushing a growing number of shops meet the standards of ecofashion: from up-cycling, to fair-trade, to organic and vegan fashion. Let’s take for example Atelier Awash. After thinking thoroughly about the real meaning of elegance and the many aspects of sustainability – the use of certified organic materials (gots), crops with low water consumption, carbon footprint reduction, re-use of waste products (for buttons), social development, support of traditional handycrafts – the Italian designer Davide Grazioli has developped a Berlin menswear label based 100% on integrity for the global explorers of contemporary culture. A champion of vegetable dyes, Grazioli states that his garments are “made to fade.” What sets his collection apart is the timelss, tailored approach, the love of the detail and the exceptional quality of the materials, all organic and strictly certified.Check out the Denim High n.1, raw look, slim fit model with 5 pockets, in limited edition with serial number stitched by hand to combine with the lightweight shirts in organic cotton and curcuma dye, to combine with Atelier Awash’s flawless and effortlessy elegant Blazer Jacket.

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