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You know Berlin goes by it’s own Beat and that is good so!!!I mean it’s not NY or London but it has it’s own vibes!!!I had to do a small model casting and decided on this cafe which is in the very ultra hip Prenzlauerberg district!!! if your not young and hip!!!then this place can seem at times like an insiders club!!! I finally found this Cafe-Morgenrot which is a Vegan Vegetarian Cafe!!!!Yeah well it is selling organic Muffins , Pies, Soups and other food !! The Place is cool for a quick bite and here I had a Surprise an organic Beer with a colleague and a cocktail which was good the atmosphere veryBerlinit was low key grunge all the way, but that’s what makes this cafe have it’s charm!!The waiter staff was friendly in the aloof Berlin way but I must say I could deal with the service!!!!!so if you want a cafe that has that oldBerlin grunge charm which reminds me so much of Berlin back in the day!!!!!!! stop by and enjoy you can go here for Breakfast ,Lunch and Dinner and I think this spot is the kind of place to drop by before a long fab night on the town in Berlin night!!!!!

Love Sean

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