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“Cinco 5″Grand Spanish Dining at Das Stue Hotel

5 or Cinco the spanish word literally for five !!!I guess it’s spanish week because I had in the past few days the good luck to dine in two good Spanish restaurants, this restaurant in Berlin’s Tiergarten district literally right off the park is a restaurant based in the hotel Das Stue and the kitchen is executed by the chef Paco Perez the restaurant calls itself culinary art!!!I was amazed because we were greeted so warmly in the lobby where we had a drink at the bar and had a relaxing drink before we were escorted to our table where we were friendly served for the whole evening I must say!!!the service was

perfect and in Berlin a good and friendly service does not come often.

Food oh darlings that was grand. I started off with a marinated sardines dish that were an absolute delight and was served with a thin crispy bread that was elegantly accompanied by a lightly spicy tomato topping,and a light white wine.

My main course was a risotto/paella that was accompanied with shrimps and truffles this combination was not only eclectic but a true delight.I was being indulgent and decided on Desert  and chose a chocolate desert .The evening was delightful with an interesting international clientele I felt wonderful in this place.The table setting is good since it gives you discretion , it’s dark but cozy and intimate.

I applaud Paco Perez and the restaurant Cinco!!!

Love Sean

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