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Dining in out in Berlin’s Graefestrasse at”Little Otik”

I decided to go to dinner in the Graefestrasse in Berlin’s truly urban and hip district ofKreuzberg!!!!
I was blown away because I had not been in the Graefestrasse in a while and was amazed by the scene it was young,funky and very vibrant!!!!tons of hipsters and just easy going folks living their lives in this great quarter of Berlin.We were encouraged to visit a restaurant that served good food and that the food was bought from local farns around Berlin, meaning that you they depend on seasonal vegetables and herbs and most importantly they are supporting the farming community surrounding Berlin !!!! I was really intrigued so off we were to Little Otik!!!The food description is good continental cuisine without being fussy !!!!!
So I decided with my pals to dine we started with a good rose wine and a sauvignon white wine ,which I was later told by my friends they thought was a little pricy but !!!the wine was good so I guess you pay at times for what you get I guess I can say this because at the moment I am not drinking!!!
So fully relaxed and enjoying our drinks.

We finally decided to order I decided upon a green salad with nuts and sauteed cherries which was quite interesting and good, not awesome but good and a side order of roasted potatoes which I thought were executed quite well simplistic but still sophisticated in taste baked with herbs this was really a delight!!!!!!my date decided on a steak which he later stated was extremely well done and that the meat was fine and one of the best steak dishes he has had in a while and since we do go out often and he is fussy!!!! I realized we may have found a new hide out for good food , food that is uncomplicated and a location that has a cool relaxed atmosphere with a host of interesting guests !!!!it was a place that was comfortable and still had charm very simplistic in décor the restaurant is adorned with very few furniture, however the place had its own charm and I really felt comfortable it’s a place that you can be an uptown or downtown person and still blend in !!!!!So I guess because we felt so relaxed and I liked the place!!!! I decided to order the chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream !!!!!!!The desert was good and a generous portion and that means a lot to me since I love sweets!!!! I indulged in this delightful dessert that was light and still had a very good consistency and most importantly a splendid taste!!!!!!

Before leaving we decided on a espresso and took our leave!!!! we really had an enjoyable evening here so this is definitely a place to visit and the Graefestrasse in Berlin!!!!It is just another cool location when inBerlin!!!!!!!!!

P.S.The bill in completion that included Wine,Water and two main courses and desert with an esspresso cost us roughly 70 Euro which I think really was a fair price the service was friendly and the food was tasty so it was worth it!!!!

Love Sean

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