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Lovers Electric!!!!!!Fab Sound and Fab Style!!!!!

I love Music!!!!!I guess we all do!!!!Therefore the other night last Thursday to be exact!!!! I was at a Party for a few Folks I met recently who are in a music group called!!!!!!Loverselectric!!!!
just the name alone is so fabulous and well their style and look has a fashionista like myself say I am intrigued!! so naturally I was expecting to hear a cool sound and that’s what I got a cool sound with good lyrics!!!! which I found out are written by the artists themselves!!!! so I decided to tell my readers about this group who wierdly enough are from Australia and have found a place to rest their heads In this ecelectic creative city of Berlin where they have the opportunity to just work creatively !!!!!!Berlin is so fabulous for that !!!!! so friends
Loverselectric the new Berliners hear their sound and be inspired by the cool vibes!!!!!!!

Berlin inspires!!!!

Love Sean

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