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“Schumacher ” offers Chic Simplicity at “Berlin Fashion Week”

I decided duringBerlin Fashion Week to look around at all of the Fashionistas and at last “Chic Simplicity” was found I met a woman in Dark Navy!!!!!! I must say I was taken by surprise because through all her simplicity!!!!!! against so many Fashion Victims at the Tent Shows it seemed to really get me in a positive way!!!I thought aboutVictoria Beckham at theRoyal wedding for Prince William!!!I recalled Ms.Beckhams look!!!! I loved her look it was in Navy Blue!!!! She looked ravishing in Navy. I thought this was a good option for a wedding when one does not want to wear or cant wear black to a wedding!!! then this is a great option. Well back to Fashion Week after approaching the woman she explained her outfit was from the company Schumacher !!!!!So I decided to take a look at the show !!!! the pieces were easy and modern.With some plenty of color ,the collection exudes an easy energy and they offered just great pieces that one can coordinate in an any wardrobe.The collection is effortless chic!!!! the collection included items such as long skirts in light fabrics such as chiffon, these items were worn with modern trench coats in various lengths from short to knee length and with some pretty cool narrow trousers the looks were easy and still modern!!! the spring summer 2012 show is best defined as lean,and modern simplicity!!!!
with great colors such as lime, orange and yellow!!!! with the color lime being my new favorite tone for the upcoming spring summer season Schuhmacher can be really happy they have touched the pulse of the modern consumer .

After the show I decided to go to the new store opening inBerlin , Charlottenburg district!!!! Where I picked out my favorite piece for fall a Fur coat in Orange!!! Fur in color this is a great option!!!!The colors were bright and vibrant for the fall – winter season Pink,Orange,Red the collections message in the shop was Color and Individualism with a strong touch of femininity Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!.

The looks from Schuhmacher were cool ,modern,clean and definitely worth a look or two !!!!so when you need a unique piece check out the shop!!!!!!and just wait for spring where you will have the opportunity to enjoy casual chic ease from Schumacher.

Love Sean

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