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Hotel Sarotti Hoefe in Berlin! Inside the Hotel the Real deal

After having arrived after a long work day, I decided to stay for the night
in the Sarotti Hoefe in the multicultural district of Berlin called Kreuzberg .The building complex is a construction from the late 19th century built in 1894. The site built in brick, has an awesome urban flair and just adds more to the Berlin mosaic.The complex was used in the past as an industrial building for the German Sarotti Chocolate Manufacturers and in the last few years the complex been converted into offices, lofts, and the like. I was informed that Nicolas Bergruen son of Heinz Bergruen the world renowned art collector,who had a museum named after him in Berlin.This was due to Heinz Bergreun’s donation to Berlin of his impressive art collection from some of the best artist’s from the last century this includes works of art from Picasso,Matisse,and Giacometti. Nicolas Bergruen his son has a Holding Company which purchased the Sarotti Hoefe building and as of lately is negotiating to purchase the German luxury department store KaDeWe . I was intrigued and thought as a true modern connoisseur man such as himself the hotel and building must be special and behold the house has charm and a urban quirky side.
I arrived late at 8 p.m, I must say the cafe that belongs to the hotel was quite full and when I got there,there was no one at the reception to greet me! Oh I thought keep cool , after having waited a short time one of the waiters approached me, slightly irritated he replied : yeah someone’s coming!
Berlin attitude for I am busy.
Oh well ! I am a tough N.Y. guy so I waited a few minutes. I was taken to my room by one of the waiters . My first floor room 103 was located in the back which was fine,however I must say the laundry basket was still close to my room at 8 p.m., which I hate but hey that’s Berlin. ! Keep cool Sean.
Weirdly enough the waiter that took me to my room became friendlier,I assume he figured? paying guest be cordial. The room was very warm and seemed like it had not been aired out for a while ,but he nicely opened all the windows .To my surprise, the room I must say was quite spacious.
Friends I dont mean to tattle but the rooms color theme is a red-bordeaux with hints of an burned orange tone this I felt was a little outdated .They should in my opinion keep it simple .
Finally in my room alone I watched the news and later went out and enjoyed the Bergmannstrasse’s very cool flair.
After having a nice evening I returned to my quiet room. I woke up to great Berlin weather and checked out.Surprisingly I was greeted by a friendly, thank goodness receptionist by the name of Kristine who I must say in comparison to the evening before was hospitable and very welcoming.
I paid the hotel and had a cafe latte, read the paper and started my day in Berlin.
Overall I would like to say I liked the hotel. If your an upscale person I would not recommend this hotel, on the other hand if you are an urbanite who doesn’t need full service accommodations then this a nice option.This hotel is not perfect, but it is worth a stay.Remember if you like a full service hotel then this is not for you. If you are looking for a hotel situated in a young, urban and fun neighborhood ! then is the place for you.
The price I paid for the 1 night was 70 Euro which is roughly 85$ us dollars I must say you cannot beat the price.

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