<!--:en-->FÖLLEREI!!!Easy going  German comfort food in Berlin’s Multi Kulti Neu Koelln District!!!!!<!--:-->

FÖLLEREI!!!Easy going German comfort food in Berlin’s Multi Kulti Neu Koelln District!!!!!

Simple Dining at Foellerei while staying the night in theBerlin district of Neu Koelln I decided to visit a restaurant that was recommended !!!Naturally with the very sparse decor I was a little taken a back ,but after having finally sat down for a moment,
I realized that the atmosphere albeit a little sparse, really was quite unique!!!!!in that one can create an atmosphere with less!!!!so friends now I was ready to order and well!!! the service was a little rough around the edges. I guess you call that Berlin Charm but hey!!! that’s life inBerlin sometimes!!!!

This evening I was out with friends so I just took it all in stride.We decided to go outside to the tables where we were able to watch folks walk by and discover this trendy and very urban neighborhood!!!!Finally after having our order taken, I decided on a vegetarian dish which was a cabbage quiche with roasted potatoes and a salad
and my girl pal Viv!!! ordered the German sausage with savoy cabbage and roasted potatoes ,as wellll as a starter interesting enough a Pear soup!!!granted the fanfare was truly traditional but well executed it was like visiting your German Grandmas and getting a good home cooked meal!!!
The soup was quite delicate and very sophisticated in taste and not sweet as one would think!!!it was creamy and still yet unique in taste!!!!!
The Savoy cabbage quiche was good not perfect but the taste was good, however I must applaud the roasted potatoes they were really to die for!!!!they were roasted and seasoned to perfection!!!it is often incredible to have a meal that is quite traditional and still satisfies the soul!!!after having had our meal we felt compelled to try the desert!!!I love sweets!!!!!
I felt that if the main course was good then the desert had to be good as well!!!and well???
it was actually really good and tasty we had a whipped yogurt with berries and nuts with some crunchy granola !!!!the portion was quite large that you could share the desert which I what we did!!!!! We decided on a last drink after dessert!!!

The atmosphere here is quite simple but the huge photos of Rustic German men lend to the places atmosphere.
!!!!!but the truth be told the food is quite good and I had a nice evening the wine list was good and the prices were fair so when in !!!!Neu Koelln is a district to visit and if you want a nice meal with a true Berlin service meaning it aint!! perfect but will do!!!!!! this is a place to go where the food is worth the visit, enjoy!!!the simplistic atmosphere and hearty food!!!!
The Meals cost roughly for two main courses,appetizer and desert with wine and water roughly 40 euro that was a pretty fair price for the meal that we had it was not cheap but then again the quality was good at the Foellerei!!!

Love Sean

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